Remote Food Service Assessments

Starting with introductory remote conferences with District and Food Service leadership, Lunch Lessons will structure a plan and the scope of assessment.  Data analysis and interviews are customized based on the school district’s historical practices, current goals, and short-term and long-term program investments. Lunch Lessons will provide targeted recommendations through an online presentation and strategic planning.   

In-person Assessments 

On-site assessments provide a combination of on-site technical support while diving deeply into the school district’s food service operations.  In-person assessments can be customized based on the district’s needs and be performed in an express fashion over two to three days or longer depending on the size of the district.  In-person assessments consist of data collection and pre-assessment analysis performed 8 weeks prior to the on-site visit as well as a post-assessment visit to present the findings and perform strategic planning with the leadership team. 

Facilities and Central Kitchen Consulting 

Lunch Lessons can assist school districts in assessing facility and equipment needs, based on current or future operational models, whether school-based or consolidated production systems. 

Strategic Planning 

Working with administrators and food service leadership to develop realistic goals and how to achieve them within the resources the district can provide is essential for food service teams seeking to innovate.  Lunch Lessons can support districts through this process. 

Targeted Technical Assistance 

Lunch Lessons is available to assess and support food service teams in subject-specific areas like; menu planning; recipe development; financial management; efficiency in systemic processes such as procurement, ordering and inventory management, procurement planning, food service staffing development plans, including organizational charts and job descriptions and marketing your program.  

Speaking Engagement

Some of the most important facets of changing school food are marketing, education, community-building, and motivating your constituencies. Chef Ann Cooper’s talks are excellent at promoting each of these areas. Chef Ann’s keynote speeches, seminars, videos, podcasts, TED Talks, radio, TV, and print interviews all highlight the motivational, educational, and inspirational effect that the spirit of her message has on all her audiences. Including Chef Cooper’s talks or seminars at your conference, meeting or another venue will assure not only a high level of participation but a high level of audience satisfaction. 

How Much Does Working with Lunch Lessons Cost?

Costs of remote and in-person consulting are based on the total hours required.  Exploratory conference calls and surveys (at no cost) are required for Lunch Lessons to provide a detailed scope of work. Speaking engagement costs are determined based on event format needs, time, and travel costs. 

Start System Innovation Within Your School Food Service

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